Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioner to Buy in Florida

There are a number of advantages that a self evaporating portable air conditioner has over regular free standing cooling units that makes them highly desirable to own.

They are great solutions for keeping a room in the home or office cool where larger, fixed air conditioning systems may not be economical or suitable for whatever reason.

This article looks at what these coolers are and what sets them apart from other, standard spec portable coolers.

What is a Self Evaporating Air Conditioner?

self evaporating portable air conditionerWhile air conditioning units do a great job of blowing cool air into your space, they are also very good at drawing the moisture out of the air.

That moisture condenses inside the air conditioning unit and drips down into a catchment area. In fixed units such as window or mini-split air conditioning units, the water is allowed to exit the unit through a pipe to the outside.

Portable AC Water Tray

However, in portable units, there is no way for the water to leak out without it pooling on the floor and making a mess. Instead it is allowed to collect in a plastic tray or vessel of some kind where it pools.

Over time, the vessel fills up with water and needs periodic emptying.

This is a chore disliked by many owners or free standing AC units because it often means lifting the heavy unit up onto a table to get access to the drip tube. This is to release the tube and let it drop down into a bucket so that gravity can help the tray empty the water into the bucket below.

Doing Away with Emptying Water Trays

With a self evaporating portable air conditioner, moisture still condenses inside the unit and has to go somewhere, but instead of pooling in a tray, it is re-evaporated and expelled through the exhaust hose as water vapor.

This clever design means doing away with that hated chore of lifting the heavy unit up to empty it, because there is no longer anything to be emptied!

Many newer models go one step further in this intelligent design. They do this by making use of the moisture collected inside to unit to help with the cooling process before being ejected as hot, moist air through the vent to the outside.

This increases efficiency of the cooling coils, thereby making these units more economical to run by using less energy to perform the cooling operation. That saves you money!

No Drip AC Units

Since a portable air conditioner with self-evaporating technology reduces or eliminates the need for emptying a tray or bucket, they are sometimes called ″no-drip units″ because no water drips into a tray to be drained at some stage via the rear of the unit.

Instead, a self evaporating AC unit recycles around half of the water that is condensed inside it and uses it effectively to cool the inner cooling coils,. This allows the unit to run much more efficiently.

What Happens to the Water?

The re-used moisture is then dispersed, or evaporated into the outside air, along with all the hot air that you may have already noticed exiting the back of your portable air conditioner through the hose.

So in essence, what a self-evaporating AC unit does is to simply cut out the collection of any unnecessary water inside the unit or have it drip to an outside container (in the case of fixed window or mini-split AC units).

How have Self Evaporating AC Models Evolved from Previous Versions?

The evolution of the portable air conditioner that has brought it to its current level of convenience and low maintenance is rather easy to follow.

The earlier versions worked (and still work) very effectively to cool smaller spaces and rooms without the need for any kind of fixed installation. This makes then perfect for smaller homes and apartments, especially in situations where fixed or window AC units are prohibited for any reason.

Their one major disadvantage was the tendency to condense excess moisture from the air inside the unit. That moisture had to be collected to prevent it dripping onto the floor and making a mess, but by collecting it in a tank created an additional maintenance chore of periodically needing to empty the tank.

This problem was solved by introducing a means of re-evaporating the moisture collecting and condensing inside the unit (see this patent) and expelling it through the exhaust vent hose to the outside.

Various modifications where then applied to this principle by manufacturers to re-use the re-evaporated condensate to aid in the cooling process. And the result is the modern, fully self evaporating air conditioning units we have today.

Where to Buy a Self Evaporating Air Conditioner in Florida

Portable, self evaporating air conditioners are on sale in Florida in most large hardware stores as well as some of the larger department stores in the state.

But if you don't want to spend all day to go traipsing around stores, you can get some great deals online.

One of the best specialist online stores that I can recommend for air conditioners is Sylvane. This store stocks many of the latest fully self-evaporating portable AC models on the market today.

Better still is the prices are in many cases lower than you'd pay in a brick and mortar hardware store and they also offer free delivery anywhere in the state.

You can take a look at what is currently on special offer at the store by clicking the promotional image above right that will take you to the Sylvane website where you can browse through their catalog of great coolers in the comfort of your own armchair!

What are the Pros and Cons of Self Evaporating AC Units?

Based on extensive research, I can reveal that there are some great advantages of these coolers that I haver already mentioned, that sets them apart from other, regular coolers.

But I'll mention them again along with any disadvantages that you should know about before making the decision to buy one or more units for your home or office.


The main advantages are the self-evaporation nature of the cooling process that does away with the chore of emptying water tanks along with the benefit of better economy and efficiency in operation.

No more tanks to empty means less maintenance work for you to have to perform.

Better efficiency and economy means you save money on running this type of AC.


There are one or two disadvantages with these cooling units, because not everything is perfect in a perfect world!

The main downside is the slightly higher purchase price of fully self-evaporating AC models when compared to regular AC units. The higher cost is due to the additional technology and design that enables these units to self evaporate excess moisture and re-use it to increase cooling efficiency.

Another disadvantage that is actually one that affects all AC units is if the interior air humidity is very high, there will be much more moisture to condense inside the unit, leading to some water being collected in a tank that will need to be emptied at some point.

I'll cover that instance more thoroughly below:

What if Humidity is High?

If the humidity level is very high in the room where your air conditioning unit is installed or positioned, the condensation occurring inside the unit might have a tendency to build up faster than the AC unit can recycle it and exhaust it outside the building.

Under such extremely humid conditions, there will be a need to manually empty the excess water that collects in a small tray or tank that will be located inside a self-evaporating AC unit to cater for just such occurrences of very high humidity.

Fortunately, it is uncommon for the air inside a building to remain very humid with an air conditioner working, as part of the cooling process naturally dehumidifies the air.

How to Reduce Indoor Humidity

It is possible to take certain actions that will help to lower the indoor humidity and prevent a self-evaporating air conditioning unit from becoming overloaded with condensed water that would need to be emptied manually.

The level of humidity in the air will determine if the AC unit's water tray fills up or not.

The first step is to invest in a hygrometer. This is a device that measures humidity, doing the job of letting you know if the level of humidity is too high.

In cases where humidity is very high, you can help things by using vent fans to expel some of the excess water vapor outside. You often find these in bathrooms and kitchens, but they can also be installed in exterior walls to assist in ventilating a room.

Another option is to use a dehumidifier in rooms that are prone to high humidity to reduce the level of moisture in the air before it is processed by the air conditioning unit.


If you are considering buying a new portable air conditioner and you want better economy, efficiency and less troublesome maintenance to carry out, a self evaporating portable AC is a good choice.

It is especially beneficial for people that are not strong enough to lift a heavy AC unit to drain the tank when it fills up every so often as it will invariably do.

It does away with the equally problematic auto-shut-off mechanism tripping when the tank gets full. This can irritatingly occur to leave you without any cooling when you need it most until you have gone through the often tough process of emptying it!

Whatever your reasons for wanting a fully self evaporating AC unit, buying one will certainly make you happy you don't have to empty the tank and with greater economy, it will soon repay the small extra purchase cost over regular portable coolers.